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Ivan Manchev

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Communications at AdEx Network , Bulgaria.

ТExperienced full stack marketer, with a portfolio of projects in advertising, online marketing and software development, currently focused in Product Marketing, Strategy and Growth Optimization. Currently facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology in advertising by fuelling AdEx Network’s communication efforts.

Session: Is blockchain a gimmick or could it be the silver bullet in display advertising?

Three years ago everyone began frantically speaking ho blockchain will cure advertising of all its problems like trust and fraud. However, although the technology seemed to have bold promises, it doesn’t look it is delivering any of them yet…or is it?

Learning outcomes:

  • Blockchain has huge potential to solve some of the problems of advertising, provided the technology gets mature enough.
  • In the world full of privacy concerns (and post-cookies) blockchain can improve trust and protect users’ data.
  • Solutions like AdEx Network are already operating and changing advertising one step at a time.
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